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1. Social Innovator

Leveraging the principles of LEAF, this program will foster children’s leadership by providing the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship and research. The research projects will be devoted to three streams that are aligned with sustainable development and environmental stewardship - soil ecosystems, water ecosystems and sustainability of ecosystems. Students will increase their awareness and creativity to come up with innovative solutions.

Program Themes







The program engages students in hands-on research, academics and fun. Our objective is to bring the classroom outdoors for students - allowing them to enjoy the natural surroundings, playgrounds and free space on the farm - making spontaneous learning an everyday experience that combines the enjoyment of a simple summer farm life and learning all at once.

Experiential Learning Programs

Engaging students in hands-on research, academics and fun

2. Young Scientist Program

This program provides children with the power of problem-solving and encourages them to tackle real-world challenges that are important with hands-on learning tools aligned to education standards, plus this program will provide an opportunity to participate in the nation’s premier middle school science challenge.


Each of our programs also provides the opportunity for summer fun and time to play on our beautiful 50 acre property, complete with playground and pond.

The Challenge

The program curriculum is based upon the annual Young Scientist Challenge and encourages young people to solve everyday problems using science and innovation.

Research Topics Include:







3. Market Research &
Literature Review

A 6-week program

Learn to do research and present a literature review related to topics that interest you

4. Create a Signature Product & Startup Pitch

A 6-week program

Using design thinking principles, learn the tenets of product development from ideation to start up pitch

Learning Outcomes

Develop better writing and presentation skills. 

Improved analytical skills

Greater awareness of product development

5. Babson Youth Entrepreneurship Program

A 6-week program

High School Seniors and Juniors will receive a certificate from Babson College's Youth Impact Lab upon completion, enhancing chances of college eligibility

youth impact lab.png

Using the Babson entrepreneurship curriculum, students learn the basic principles of Entrepreneurship leading to a Certificate of completion from Babson College. Students learn to recognize, create and shape opportunities, provide leadership, and build the team to create economic and social value. Students learn to assess the feasibility and drivers of opportunities, develop viable business models, and take action.


NJIN provides students hybrid learning opportunities where students learn the connection between classroom content and Nature.  Students will participate in carefully curated programs focusing on sustainability, agriculture, and life sciences by taking take field trips to local farms, conduct field work on a stunning 50 acre estate less than two miles from Paulinskill Valley trail.  Our specialized team will prioritize experiential learning, allowing students to learn by experience, using the outdoors as our classroom.

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