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Alternative Health Care for Horses

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

When was the last time you cleared your horse’s energy fields? Knowing your horse includes knowing their energy fields and exploring alternative answers to horse healing.

By Kate Saunders- Holistic Horse

Kate Saunders is an Emotion Code Practitioner and energy worker whose mission is to help people and animals heal themselves energetically. After Kate personally experienced the benefits of energy work by achieving a life free from chronic body pain, she has been inspired to approach healing in an alternative, energy-conscious way, particularly in the equine world.

We found this piece Kate wrote and published on the Holistic Horse site really helpful in thinking about how powerfully connected horses are to energies and what a big piece that is in horse healing and horse care. We are especially curious about equine energy healing work as we are preparing our NJIN horses for our upcoming P.E.T.A.L. equine therapy program.

Kate gives insights into how energy fields exist within horses and points out 5 key areas in equine caretaking that may require a non-conventional approach to healing.

1. History

Whenever introducing a new horse to a barn, it is common practice to get a medical history so to understand the horse’s health records, vaccination statuses, and diet recommendations.

Kate points out that it’s also extremely important to know a horse’s emotional and energetic history. Just like when you get to know a person and learn about their traumas and emotional triggers, it’s important to understand a horse’s energetic history to connect with them and know how to work through challenges.

2. Horse-to-Horse

When introducing a new horse into the equine community at a stable or home, it’s typical practice to make gradual introductions on a horse-to-horse basis, making sure to give horses a lot of space within the paddock.

Alternatively, Kate comments on how each horse needs to have its own strong energy field in order to interact well with other horses. These creatures are very sensitive to one another’s energy fields. If an individual horse does not have a strong energy field of its own, it is easy for others in the herd to overwhelm or control that horse’s behavior. Kate recommends working with horses individually to ensure any traumas have been cleared that may be weakening their energy field.

3. Horse-to-Person

Just as some people must learn how to heal from abusive relationships, so horses need help to heal from abusive or neglectful relationships with people. Kate explains that there are energetic cords that tie a horse to a person. If a horse is still corded to someone from the past or someone in the present, they may be taking in negative energies from that person. This can cause them to get sick or take on uncharacteristic traits that they are absorbing from that person. Kate explains how it’s possible to break these cords and help a horse disconnect from this negative influence.

4. Environment

A really interesting element of energetic healing work Kate explores is geopathic stress. The term “geopathic” is a combination of the Latin word “geo” which means earth and “pathos” which means suffering. Geopathic stress is the “suffering of the earth,” negative earth energies which emanate to the surface and cause issues for people and animals.

Kate recommends exploring the potential geopathic stress on the earth under a stable or barn to understand if horses are soaking in these “harmful earth rays.”

5. Entities

Lastly, Kate explains how some people describe their horse as being “possessed” when they unexpectedly act out. If a horse suddenly starts behaving in an uncharacteristic way or acting out aggressively when they are normally even-tempered, it is possible they have been taken over by a foreign entity or aura. Entities are simply types of energy beings that can come into a field and disrupt it. Kate has worked with her own horses to clear and release foreign entities that can momentarily take over a horse’s personality.

Read the entirety of Kate’s insights here. And please share any thoughts or suggestions you may have about equine energy healing in the comments below!



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