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Cloud-Seeding: The Middle East’s Race to Claim Rainfall

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Middle Eastern countries are attempting to make clouds pour down rain to restore their water supply.

A recent New York Times piece revealed to the world that Middle Eastern countries are actively working with a process called cloud-seeding to encourage clouds to produce rain. While never having been officially proven to work, the cloud-seeding process injects clouds with some sort of chemical containing water attracting molecules such as silver iodide which then draws other water vapor molecules. These molecules continue gathering until water droplets form that are heavy enough to fall.

One of the largest leaders of cloud-seeding is the United Arab Emirates which is utilizing both silver iodide and a newly patented nanotechnology to claim more rainfall. But the need for water is desperate in 12 out of 19 regional countries in the Middle East and North Africa that receive less than 10 inches of rainfall a year. Some nations are complaining that the United Arab Emirates are attempting to steal their rainfall.

While it seems hard to believe, attempting to control the rain is becoming a true Middle Eastern drama.

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