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Employers Increasing Focus on Core Skills

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

An article by Kyle Su/lender Executive Director, Focus NJ

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has made it harder for employers to find workers, and recent insights gained from NJBIA's 2022 Business Outlook Survey suggest that businesses are increasingly pessimistic about the core skills and abilities of those employees who are hired.

Compared to NJBIA's 2021 survey, he percentage of employers grading entry-level workers as "fair" or "poor" increased by 9 percentage points in attitude and work ethic (66%); 7 points in time management (77%); 5 points in self-motivation (73%); 5 points in written communication (77%); and 3 points in verbal communication (68%).

In contrast, the percentage of "fair" or "poor" grades in attitude/work ethic and critical thinking was unchanged

from 2019 to 2020. It increased by just 2 points in verbal and written communications and decreased by 1 and 2 percentage points in self­-motivation and time management, respectively.

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Employers Increasing Focus on Core Skills
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