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Gen Z Opens Up About Mental Health & Education Needs in New Study

A new Gallup-Walton Family Foundation study talked directly with Gen Z’ers across the nation and learned what many of us in the older generations have suspected: while they are powerful and optimistic, the next generation is struggling.

The multi-year study interviewed thousands of members of the Gen Z generation and heard directly from them about their mental health, success in school, and feelings about their futures.

A few statistics show that Gen Z as a generation has high hopes for the future. But feeling unprepared and mental unwellness are big challenges.

  • Less than half of Gen Z are thriving in their lives – among the lowest of all age ranges in the U.S.

  • 56% of Gen Z say they feel unprepared for the future – the majority of whom are in high school and college

  • Only 15% of 18-26 year old’s say they have “excellent” mental health

  • The majority of Gen Z say they want to make enough money to live comfortably, yet 64% report financial resource as a barrier to reaching their goals

  • Gen Z is the loneliest generation

This study is important. The members of Gen Z as a generation have immense insight into what they need. By listening and understanding, those of us in the older generations can learn how to make informed, caring changes in our world that will help this next generation thrive.

We cannot create effective change if we do not understand.



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