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Rayonier: The Company That’s Rebuilding U.S. Forests

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Rayonier is a company dedicated to rebuilding the environment by re-populating forest ecosystems. Visit their website HERE.

It’s easy to lose hope when we keep learning about the critical state of the planet. How many more poorly-designed company business structures can we endure – structures that are built on a foundation that prioritizes profit over sustainability? Are there any businesses that truly have an effective, innovative plan for giving back to the earth?

Allow us to introduce you to Rayonier, a company whose work proves that innovative and earth-centric companies DO exist.

Rayonier is a company founded in 1926 that is dedicated to rebuilding the environment by re-populating forest ecosystems. Theirs is a beautiful example of a successful circular business model where each process feeds back into the next, creating both profit and restoration.

The success of Rayonier lies in their concern for the true sustainability and endurance of their entire system, from inception to repopulation. By using genetic research, they are able to grow healthier, less disease-prone trees through processes such as grafting and controlled pollination. They harvest seeds from pinecones in their own nurseries to grow seedlings which they then replant, primarily by hand, in forests throughout the U.S, creating brand new forests and repopulating old ones. They cooperate with engineers, foresters, and fire fighters to design minimally invasive roadways, maintain the health and safety of wildlife, and protect forests from fire hazards, thereby establishing safety measures for their ecosystem. After harvesting trees to provide lumber for real estate projects, they then replant, ensuring rejuvenation of the very resources they have utilized.

To take a tour of their virtual nursery, meet their team, and hear their inspiring stories, click HERE

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Julie is a freelance content writer for New Jersey Institute of Nature and Cedar Hill Prep. Her work has also been featured in Fine Living Lancaster. Julie's writing interests include sustainable living practices, permaculture, mental health, and the power of breathwork. She also enjoys piano tuning, singing and songwriting, playing mountain dulcimer, hiking, and carousing with her kittens, Nike & Lionne.



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