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Farmland, pasture management, and water quality all play a crucial role in minimizing the effects of climate change.

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Research Results

L.E.A.F. students got to experience how they could directly affect climate change by observing and making connections about what’s needed to support the health of different ecosystems on the Fredon farm. After testing soil and water samples from the horse paddocks and ponds on the Fredon farm, they each pursued a deeper avenue of discovery to better understand their specific interest in farm management. This illuminated for them how they could personally improve life on our farm and life on the planet!

Check out their rocking presentations!

They received glowing reviews from two PhD scientists, Dr. Barbara Schmidt and Dr. Mansoor Amiji, who also provided students with feedback and suggestions for further field work. Below are comments from our PhD scientist who reviewed the projects.

Dr. Barbara Schmidt - "Overall excellent work from all the students! I just saw these are 7th and 8th graders, not high schoolers.

I am pleased to see this level of competence at this grade level. Bravo!!"

Dr. Mansoor Amiji -  "these are excellent projects.  Overall, really impressive work."

All research was reviewed by 
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