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The United Nations 2022 Cohort of Young Leaders

7 years ago, the United Nations initiated the inaugural Cohort of Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals.

This honorary group, chosen and presented every two years, is made up of 17 young changemakers from around the world who have demonstrated through their outstanding work and leadership their commitment to upholding the United Nations’ goals for sustainability. The awardees include everyone from climate and disability activists to entrepreneurs, artists, fashion designers, and doctors!

We are so excited to share the 2022 honorees with you. Nominations and awards like this are so critical for us because they bring visibility to the powerful and imaginative work young people are doing around the world for our planet. In the face of the often-overwhelming news about what’s happening to the planet, it is important to hear the really good news about the climate and social justice work of this younger generation.

It’s also so important for every young person to see someone like them creating and innovating big changes in our world. With this kind of representation, young people start to believe in their own power and possibility.

And now, without further ado, here are a few highlights from the 17 honoree profiles. Read about the rest of the cohort here!

At NJIN, we are passionate about helping young people discover their earth-purpose. Our programs are designed to offer structured curriculum and real-world experiences within a space that encourages students to roam freely in nature while growing their innovation, self-exploration, and experimentation. Join us!



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