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Where Learning Meets Nature

Experiential Learning For Kids 12-17

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The New Jersey Institute of Nature
is about Experiential Learning and connecting classroom content to real life and nature

Visit our testimonials page. Our student's feedback is an authentic glimpse into unique experiences we provide at the NJIN.

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Experiential Learning Programs

Online Learning and Field Trips to Local Farms
Babson Youth Entrepreneurship Program

A 6-week program Two start dates: October 3nd, 2023 or February 1th, 2024. High School Seniors and Juniors will receive a certificate from Babson College's Youth Entrepreneurship Program upon completion, enhancing chances of college eligibility. Using the Babson entrepreneurship curriculum, students learn the basic principles of Entrepreneurship leading to a Certificate of completion from Babson College. Students learn to recognize, create and shape opportunities, provide leadership, and build the team to create economic and social value. Students learn to assess the feasibility and drivers of opportunities, develop viable business models, and take action.

Capstone Membership Prgram

With field trips to Rutger's University, Capstone engages in 4 key Entrepreneurial activities— Learn Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought and Action. This program focuses on online leaning, includes visits to Rutgers University and field trips to local farms. Participants will work in teams and learn about the Entrepreneurial mindset, the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, identify problems and opportunities. Using the U.N. Sustainable Goals as the framework, you will learn the scientific method and engage in innovative research.

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Summer Academic Programs

Courses are held at Cedar Hill Prep School 

For 7th & 8th Graders

Package Programs

Full-day programs combining courses and FUN! Enroll in a package program that includes Summer Exploration at the NJIN

Algebra & Geometry

For 7th or 8th graders  to get a head start into the foundations of Algebra & Geometry

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Who We Are


We are committed to building a strong foundation of scientific research for future scholars, supporting the development of future entrepreneurs, and providing wellness resources for personal health and development

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