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The New Jersey Institute of Nature
is a learning institution that connects classroom content to transferable skills

Student Research


The Future Leader Academy fosters student leadership by engaging students in entrepreneurship and research.  The research projects will be devoted to three streams that are aligned with sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The student outcome expectations are that by combining real life engagement and research, students will increase their awareness and creativity to come up with innovative solutions.

L.E.A.F. students got to experience how they could directly affect climate change by observing and making connections about what’s needed to support the health of different ecosystems on the Fredon farm. After testing soil and water samples from the horse paddocks and ponds on the Fredon farm, they each pursued a deeper avenue of discovery to better understand their specific interest in farm management. This illuminated for them how they could personally improve life on our farm and life on the planet!

Check out their rocking presentations!!

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We are committed to building a strong foundation of scientific research for future scholars, supporting the development of future entrepreneurs, and providing wellness resources for personal health and development

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KANJ is a registered non-profit, non-religious organization, provides a platform for the Kerala community to come together as a whole to celebrate our culture and traditions.


Cedar Hill Prep School is a private school located in Somerset, New Jersey, that services students from 23 towns around the New Jersey-Pennsylvania region.


KW Stables is located on the grounds of the New Jersey Institute of Nature. We offer a Full Board and Self-Care horse boarding facility located in Fredon, NJ  on a beautiful 50+ acre estate.



The New Jersey Association of Gifted Children is a champion for gifted children. We are passionate advocates promoting programs, networks, and legislative action to mee the needs of students statewide.

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