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Teaching Employable Skills and Enhancing Scholarship Eligibility

The STEM Institute increases college admissibility and scholarship opportunities by aligning its curriculum with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the departments of leading Universities. 

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Learn more about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

21st Century Content

We make content relevant to the student's lives by brining the world into the classroom. We take students out into the world and create opportunities for students to interact with each other, teachers, and knowledgeable adults in authentic learning experiences...[blog link]

Research & Development

Selected students will engage in inquiry based research activities to understand the scientific method.  This includes exploring biodiversity locally, within the state and internationally towards natural product-based solutions to improving human health and wellness

Research Internship

Using proprietary technology which detects bioactive compounds from plants and other natural sources, with the implementation of low-cost field-deployable assays, students will develop a better understanding of traditional botanical knowledge, stimulating their interest in science, human health and biodiversity conservation. 

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